Colorado Episcopal Service Corps embraces and celebrates the diversity of Colorado, from ranchers, to snowboarders and city folk and college communities. Colorado has vegans and cattle ranchers, we have mountains and prairies. The world’s billionaires play on our slopes and our undocumented workers, working poor and homeless struggle to make it through each day. Our programs engage in this diversity around the state, with all of God’s children, rich and poor, while participating in common prayer and spiritual practice.

We have a house in downtown Denver, Saint Columba House, and another house in the storied mountain town and ranching community of Steamboat Springs, Centennial House. Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is engaging young adults with a compelling program of spiritual formation, Rule of Life, and outstanding opportunities for service and reflection. In the process, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is tapping into some of the most vibrant communities and churches in the diocese.

Colorado Episcopal Service Corps is part of the Episcopal Service Corps, an Episcopalian service organization aimed at young adults. Their vision is to be "faithful, diverse, caring communities of young adults, transforming the world, and ourselves, by striving for justice and peace among all people." For more information about the Episcopal Service Corps, please visit their website here. If you have questions about the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps and the St. Columba House, please email Rebecca Crummey at esc@coloradodiocese.org, or visit us on Facebook

Our Vision

A Colorado seeded with courageous community rooted in the Good News.

Our Mission

Transforming individuals and growing courageous communities through prayer and action by

  • encountering the other to engage all
  • prayer and listening for a lifetime of practice in action
  • risk taking to lead to a lifetime of courage
  • simple living for a lifetime experience of navigating complexity
  • nourishing individuals and communities through conflict and failure for a lifetime of shared leadership