2019-2020 Corps Members

Meet this year’s amazing group of corps members and learn about the work they will be doing with their partner agency listed, as well as what the corps members are looking forward to in their year with Colorado Episcopal Service Corps.

Anna Foster: Lutheran Family Services, Refugee Resettlement

Anna Foster photo.jpg

Anna is a twenty-two year old born and raised in Maine. She graduated from the University of Maine in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in international affairs with a concentration in comparative politics and a Spanish minor. During her time at UMaine, she studied abroad in Cuba and the Czech Republic which helped spark her love for travel and learning about new cultures. Her other hobbies include reading, photography and baking. While she doesn’t know what she wants to do long term, she is excited to take this year to reconnect with her faith and discern what the next step will be. 

 During her year as a member of the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps, Anna will be serving with Lutheran Family Services where she looks forward to learning from and working with refugee and asylum seekers in Colorado.

Kezia Lozano: Purple Door COFFEE ROASTERS

Kezia Lozano photo 2019 headshot.jpg

Kezia is a native Texan who grew up in South Texas near the border with her huge extended family, and later moved to Houston which she now calls home. Coming from a working class Latino household, she is extremely proud to have recently graduated from the University of Virginia, where she double majored in Sociology & Foreign Affairs. 


Kezia will be working at Purple Door Coffee Roasters, a nonprofit coffee roaster that employs homeless youth in the Denver area and is incredibly excited for the opportunity to live her life in the service of others. While her true aspirations are still developing, she knows that she wants to eventually earn her PhD in a sociology related field and hopefully spend her life working in the non-profit/NGO sector. She is honored and completely excited for what this coming service year holds in terms of personal, spiritual, and community growth.

Corinne Lythgoe : Metro Caring

Corinne Lythgoe headshot.jpeg

Corinne is 22 years old and has lived in Tennessee, Virginia, Colorado, and Washington, but calls Colorado her home. She is a recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), located in Tacoma, Washington. While at PLU, Corinne double majored in sociology and environmental studies, and believes her vocation is to care for creation, particularly the marginalized, both human and non-human. Even as a toddler, she would pick up litter in parks and on the sides of roads and has innately felt called toward environmental stewardship. In addition to these passions, Corinne loves to be in nature, swim, eat yummy food, and look at pictures of dogs.

 During this year in the Saint Columba House, Corinne is excited to serve with Metro Caring, as she is particularly interested in addressing the challenges and concerns of hunger and food insecurity. After living in intentional community at Holden Village (a Lutheran retreat center near Lake Chelan in Washington) during January 2018, she is especially looking forward to living in intentional community again with the other ESC members. Corinne is also eager to connect with members of the church of Saint Peter and Saint Mary and the local community.

Weston Morris: Advocacy and Social Justice for the Episcopal Church in Colorado

Weston Morris photo 2019.jpg

Weston is coming to Denver for a second year in the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps. He spent the last service year working at the Northwest Colorado Center for Independence as an Independent Living Intern in Steamboat Springs. Weston Morris is a cradle Episcopalian and North Carolina native with passion for adventure, art and justice. In 2015, he graduated from UNC Asheville with a degree in religious studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Since college he has worked in various fields including food service, banking and youth ministry. His favorite activities include walking, photography, snowboarding, and adventures in nature. He is excited to move from the small-town life in Steamboat to the energy of downtown Denver. Weston is thrilled to be working as the Organizer for Community Justice in the Office of Advocacy and Social Justice. This year, he will be focusing on moving the Episcopal Church in Colorado towards a culture of accessibility and radical welcome for marginalized people.

Bethany Straus: Urban Peak

Bethany Straus headshot.jpg

Bethany is 22 years old and a recent graduate from Georgia College & State University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication, with minors in international studies and photography. Bethany was born and raised in Maryland, putting her very close to the nation’s capital: Washington D.C. Growing up so close to the heart of the federal government provided Bethany with an immense appreciation for political science and the need to be thoroughly informed about the world around us. Additionally, Bethany has had an incredible love for storytelling and helping others for as long as she can remember, so she plans on pursuing a career that combines all of these things together: communications for nonprofit and/or advocacy organizations. 

Bethany feels extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend a year living, working, and learning with the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps. She will be working with Urban Peak and is looking forward to learning more about homelessness and the world of nonprofits. As a lifelong Episcopalian, Bethany is extremely thankful to have grown up in a church that emphasizes the importance of loving every person just as Jesus would -- regardless of their identity and ideology. Additionally, Bethany cites her family and close friends as a strong source of hope and inspiration for her; without them, she would not be who she is today. In her spare time, Bethany can be found baking desserts, listening to music, reading, wandering aimlessly with her camera, or trying to convince herself to enjoy exercising.