photo show 2017

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peeling beauty

Peeling beauty here

Thin space between life and death

God's love radiates

-Rebecca Crummey

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A color is only good as its contrast, as its context. Everyday shapes stand out when every other thing is missing, when every other thing is out of the way to help you see the one thing that is there, that is always there, that has been there all along.

-Rebecca Hannigan

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divine encounter

Deer, dog, hiker, biker, oak and aspen, all by a muddy trail. An unlikely community formed by a common journey. A reminder that I do not journey alone. An invitation to appreciate the unique qualities of my traveling companions.

-Catie Greene

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do not choose the lesser life.

do you hear me.

do you hear me.

Choose the life that is. yours.

the life that is seducing your lungs.

that is dripping down your chin.

-poem. from nejma. by nayyirah waheed

-Sara Sweeney

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second spring

For their final act, these leaves have saved their best for last. As the warm yellows and oranges cover the landscape. God shows us that in all stages of life there is beauty. Though we cannot all be beautiful wildflowers of spring it is in all of us to blossom when the moment is right.

-George Monroe

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More and more I am finding reflections of God in the people around me. When I have become frustrated with the legalities of religion, people have provided hope and refreshment. My community this past year has traveled through countless crosswords and difficult decisions alongside me, mirroring the love, humor, unpredictability, and comfort that is even more perfectly found in Christ.

-Collette Newcombe

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the experience

Here in Steamboat Springs you can witness all the snow in its powdery glory. Here is winter like no other with a natural beauty that will challenge and delight you. Do not be afraid.

-Evan Brock

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It takes ten ingredients to make a margherita pizza. There are very few foods that give me as much comfort as a simple but delicious fresh slice of margherita pizza – or 3. It is this simplicity of ingredients that reminds me that a relationship with God is intended to be just as simple and comforting. And it begins with Love. Love for God, oneself, and others.

-Mariana Diaz

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god is a feminist

Faith can shatter boundaries and strengthen bonds, be that faith in government, science, love or a higher power. For me the woman’s march was a global statement of trust in one another and belief in human rights. Faith that all will be well if we cross aisles, stand strong, and keep moving forward.

-Veronica Farrell

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The Mystery of Faith, Sand Dunes National Park

I want to explore the mystery in God with the mystery in me. I am not sure where I am going, but I’m going, but I’m trying to soak it all in.

-Lizzy Markman

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3 Across: What We Did in the Winter

We adventured into the snow land, all of us only having cross-country skied once or twice before – if at all. The hours went by sweatily and slowly, and we found ourselves falling down every few minutes between trees or onto fields of snow. I remember looking ahead at the tracks the skis were making they overlapped game tracks and eroded our own stamp on nature that day, each of us partaking in Gods’ peace.

-Sara Sweeney

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food music and dogs

Taken during a spring barbeque with friends, family and coworkers, this photo showcases the little joys that make a memory: food, music, good company, and our furry friends. I wonder if God looks at us the way an excited pup does.

-Esther Ou