Photo Show 2015

In the spring of 2015, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps used 35 mm film cameras to look at the world with a different lens. We asked the questions: “Where do you see God? “and “How do you think God sees the world?” We each had only 27 exposures. In this era of cameras on our phones and other digital photography when we snap photos without much thought we practiced paying attention, being selective and then waiting for the film to be developed to see the results. This calendar features the best of each roll along with the artists’ statements of what they were thinking when they took the photo.

Please pre-order your calendars now! We will have them printed in time to make lovely Christmas gifts. To pre-order, contact The Reverend Canon Rebecca Crummey at: or call: 303-837-1173.

$20 for one and $15 each for orders of 2 or more.